11:08pm July 30, 2014

[Week 1] Periods

[Week 2] Glad not to be on periods anymore

[Week 3] Wondering when the periods will come back

[Week 4] Waiting for periods to come back (loading time)


1:59am July 13, 2014

Have you ever had a sudden, deep interest for something at 3 am and just get really into it all at once ?


I’m going to learn how to speak Klingon and nobody can stop me

5:28am March 13, 2014
Why did it have to buuuug
Since Omegle is a bitch and it’s too small to be read avec when zoomed, here is the log !

Why did it have to buuuug

Since Omegle is a bitch and it’s too small to be read avec when zoomed, here is the log !

1:18pm January 25, 2014






How well do you see color?

I’m cry I scored 60, I feel blind

I got a 59….RIP me

i scored 120?????

omg i got an 28 but i am blind from looking at all those colors for 10 minutes

16 fuCKERS

12:42am January 10, 2014

So to win five minutes of sleep tomorrow morning I’m going to sleep already dressed.

1:41pm January 7, 2014
  • Me : I would love to be an actor
  • Dad : Why don't you try then ?
  • Me : Nah, I'm not pretty enough to be one
  • Dad : There are ugly actors.
  • No, dad, you were supposed to say that I am pretty.
3:32am January 3, 2014

Omegle - Hannigram

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like hannigram.

You: It wasn’t often Hannibal was truly, deeply furious. But when it happened, you better not be the one causing this anger…Which was too bad for Dr. Chilton, who was now on top of his list for the next dinner. But Hannibal would take care of it later, he had more important matter at hand now. He was in a hospital room, sitting on a chair near the bed Will was resting. This might be strange, since the younger man should have been in his cell…But was why Hannibal was so mad. Dr. Chilton thought Will would be the perfect patient to try shock therapy on…The problem was it caused lots of trouble, surely because of Will’s encephalitis he was still not treated for; and the consequences was so bad Will had to be transported to the nearest hospital. This was why Hannibal was there, waiting for Will to wake up, observing the handcuffs tying Will to the bedframe.

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5:41pm December 26, 2013

Is Jared Padalecki’s new son the Doctor ?

Are we not supposed to know his name ?!

4:27pm December 25, 2013

So I am watching that Doctor Who Concert o, BBC2

And the song from Akhaten comes…And my dad “THATS A CHRISTMAS SONG”

And I am crying at his speech

5:05am December 23, 2013

I love when people see goofy pics/gifs of the Winchester Bros and Cas and say “Those are the guys who stopped the apocalypse”

Well…Guys they also started it.